Getting compensation for flight delays shouldn’t be so hard!

Getting compensation for flight delays shouldn’t be so hard!

Recently when we flew to the tennis tournament in France we got delayed, I mean come on France is so close and a normal flight there would take approximately 1 hour and a bit, but nope that wasnt the case for us we had to sit through an 8 hour delay. Could of literally gotten the train their quicker and it would of been stress free. Anyway this takes me onto my next point surely getting compensation for flight delays shouldnt be so damn hard I thought it would be a pretty simple process given all this new legislation has been brought in to protect customers when they get put in these situations. But that just isnt the case the airlines will try to fob you off and tell you that we havent got a legitimate claim for compensation. Once you’ve been told no the only real option is to challenge them in court but who really has the money to be taking an multimillion £ airline to court with all their fancy lawyers it will just end up me footing the bill for it.

The only other option we have it so use another company or someone with a business presence or maybe a bit of knowledge about the law surrounding flight delay . Out of the options ahead though its probably easier to go with a flight delay company who specialises in these types of compensation claims as lets face it it will save the headache of having to do it yourself. There are a few online but which ones are good is the hard part.

So if you find yourself in a similar situation where you want to claim compensation for flight delays that you might of experienced it may be best to use a company upfront …

Important Things To Remember When Playing At The Best Betting Sites

Important Things To Remember When Playing At The Best Betting Sites

Your decision to bet online is good, but it is important that you should be aware of certain things when doing this. Let us get into some of these things to remember when you are betting at the betting websites:

Bet on motivated teams:

In some instances, a team does not play up to its actual ability, but they play well above their overall record, particularly when the situation demands. So, before betting on any team, you are recommended to identify how important a game is for the team. For instance, if the team has already reached the playoff spot, they will be more focused towards playoffs as against the current game. On the other hand, a team in a must-win situation will be highly motivated to avoid elimination. In addition, a team with avenge of an earlier defeat might also be highly motivated.

Focus on value betting:

Any successful betting needs getting value on the bets, and this is something that means that you should get better value as compared to the true odds on your picks. For example, if you objectively predict that Arsenal should have fair odds of 1.3, but bookies are ready to offer them at 1.5, then this is a value-betting proposition. In such a case, the risk to reward ratio is close to your favor as it makes Arsenal a strong play.

Bet against public opinion:

You might be aware of the fact that some teams generally have a very strong public following. For instance, when it comes to football betting, Chelsea and Man United are such teams with strong public support. When you bet against these teams, it will be possible to place high-value bets. The reason for this is that the best betting sites generally adjust their odds for reflection of …